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Bauchi New Police Commissioner assumes office



The 44th Commissioner of Police posted to Bauchi State Command, Alhassan Aminu has assured that ensuring the security of lives and property of all in the state is one of the fundamental duties of the Nigeria Police Force as a leading agency in Internal security which will be his focus.

He also said that Police is to maintain a friendly policing system that will perpetually be a threat to villains and other purveyors of crime and criminality within the communities.

Addressing journalists in his maiden assignment shortly after taking over the office at the Command headquarters on Tuesday, he stressed that the objectives of modern policing/crime control in tune with global best practices are to amongst others, contribute towards the creation or reinforcement of trust in communities.

“Therefore, these core and general objectives would constitute our collective and individual responsibilities to ensure that there is law and order; effective control of crime and prevention within the ambit of law, and respect for human rights and diversity with a sense of self-accountability”, he added.

According to him, “Our strategy will generally be integrated intelligence-led community policing which transcends beyond just law enforcement to embrace human security and development services but necessarily require diverse expertise and whole community support.”

The new Police Commissioner added that “our policing will be driven by the foreknowledge and guided by intelligence at strategic, operational and tactical levels. It will be proactive, preventative in orientation and conducted within the context of public ownership, partnership, participation, problem-solving and community support with a mainstream human security”.

“Furthermore, we shall integrate the elements of key modern crime control and conflict management in our policing efforts. These methods are directed at prolific offender management, crime hot-spots policing and managing major public gathering and crime-prone events within dedicated systems of community partnership that include intelligence-led patrol systems, hot-spot policing and intelligence-led patrol response operations etc”, he assured.

Alhassan Aminu added that “We shall therefore identify our respective and collective Area of Responsibilities (AORs) in terms of geographical areas, demography, social, and economic crime maps of the areas and command to guide intelligence-led operations.”

He also said that “We shall generate a functional formal and informal partnership with all sister security agencies and all the relevant stakeholders in the community we are serving with at all levels towards crime prevention and community problem-solving.”

“We shall be responsible and respectively accountable for our services and eschew inordinate acts of indiscipline and corruption”, he said.

On Electoral matters, the Commissioner of Police said that “it is imperative to reiterate our uncompromising stance that any form of electoral disorderliness, violent behaviours, disruption of campaign rallies, display of dangerous weapons, or any illegal objects during campaign procession or electoral processes will not be condoned and anyone found wanting directly or indirectly connected with such acts will be arrested and brought to face the full wrath of the law”.

He also said, “Also, with no exceptions, any state-owned security or private quasi-security outfits, planning to partake in providing security at campaigns or during elections should keep away as they have no role in the electoral Act.”

“By the grace of Almighty Allah, we shall collectively surmount and deal with the emerging security challenges in tune with the Inspector-General of Police’s vision and mission”, he added.

“In conclusion, I am requesting your maximum cooperation, dedication and support in our collective efforts to deliver on the onerous task of serving the state in particular and the nation in general”, he requested.

Alhassan Aminu then assured that “as the country prepares for the fourth-coming elections, I urge you to operate in consonance with the Force to ensure free, fair, credible and even acceptable election in 2023.”

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