BREAKING: Fernando Torres looks hench in wholesome footage with Liverpool fans

Footballers can often let themselves go when they retire, enjoying life after a strict diet and training regime to remain in peak physical condition, one player that certainly hasn’t fallen into that trap is Fernando Torres.

The former Liverpool and Chelsea striker has been known for his body building phase after he retired from professional football, with the Spaniard still looking incredibly built, three years after hanging up his boots.…CONTINUE READING

Recently, El Nino has been enjoying a holiday in the sun, although we can’t imagine he’s neglected the weights whilst relaxing, but he has bumped into a group of Liverpool fans.

We recently saw Fabinho and his wife invite a Liverpool fan and his partner out for tea before having a kick about on the beach with them.

Torres has been doing the same, with the young Liverpool fans asking their former hero to sign their LFC memorabilia before he joined them for a kick about after they ran into him on the beach.

The footage has been shared on TikTok and Twitter and is incredibly wholesome to see Torres taking time out of his day to make memories for the Liverpool fans that will last a lifetime.

In the footage, you can see just how excited the group were to be able to have a kick about with El Nino, plenty of Liverpool fans will have dreamed about having that chance.

During his time at Anfield, the prolific forward bagged 80 goals and 20 assists in 141 outings for the Reds. Although he left them under a cloud to join rivals Chelsea, he’ll always be remembered fondly for the incredible goals and linkup with Steven Gerrard on Merseyside.

He’s also been snapped in the boxing ring, doing some training to aid his spectacular muscle growth. The forward was known for his lightening pace during his playing days, but now he’s almost doubled in size, you’d imagine he could still give Nemanja Vidic nightmares though!

Although transforming his physical attributes to look like a professional body builder, Torres remains in the game that made him his name and has gone back to his boyhood club, Atletico Madrid.

El Nino has taken on the role as the assistant manager at Diego Simeone’s club and could well be on his way to becoming a manager in the near future as he clearly sees his future in coaching.

One thing we do know, no players will want to mess with Torres given how hench he is nowadays, he’s almost unrecognisable.

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