BREAKING: If Cristiano Leaves United, Where Does He End Up?

Manchester United’s pre-season has already started, and their top player has not shown up for training, citing family problems.

But it is well known that he asked the team to leave Old Trafford because he does not see how the team can win anything, besides they are not playing Champions League and that is very important for the Portuguese.…CONTINUE READING

Ronaldo’s competitive nature makes him despise a tournament like the Europa League because he always aims for the top and is the top scorer of the Champions League, and at his age, he wants to compete in the tournament once again because he knows that his level is for that competition and not a lesser one.

United will play Europa League, with or without CR7. Entering Bookmaker Ratings SA is a great idea to bet on the red devils or your favourite team on the best sites with the highest odds to do so.

If he leaves, what are the Portuguese’s options?


This option would be a huge blow for the Red Devils. It would be unforgivable for one of their top players to end up at their biggest rivals. Worst of all, the London side has the best chance of taking the historic striker.

Lukaku is gone and they need a striker. The team is going to play Champions League, something that attracts the Portuguese, also Chelsea is one of the few teams able to afford Cristiano’s salary. In this case, he would not have to make a financial sacrifice that he would have to make with other interested teams.

Chelsea wants a very competitive team and sees in the striker someone who can bring them back to European glory. The striker wishes to continue competing at the highest level, and the Blues are offering that. This would be a very difficult offer to refuse.


This one looks very complicated because of the economic situation of the Spanish club, but the good relationship between Jorge Mendes, Cristiano’s agent, and Joan Laporta, the president of Barcelona, brings the historic striker closer to Barcelona.

The Spanish press has reported in recent days that talks have been serious, and that, if Lewandowski does not arrive at Barça, there is a possibility of seeing CR7 in the Blaugrana. One of the main factors preventing the star’s arrival is his salary.

It is said that he can make a small sacrifice and receive less, but the reduction that the club is asking for is too much, and the player is not willing to lower his salary that much, apart from the fact that he would be at the club where Messi shone, and he antagonised for so many years, so the idea of trying to fill the shoes of the Argentine is not so appealing to him. A distant but latent possibility.

Bayern Munich

But in the event that, should the Polish striker’s move to Barcelona materialise, Cristiano could arrive in Germany. Bayern Munich would need to cover the position of centre forward and with the “commander” they can do it.

Although they have already signed Sadio Mané, they do not see the incorporation of another striker as a bad thing, as they know that they could be very compatible and this would lead them to gain many important things. The issue is the salary, Bayern is not known for paying high salaries.

Cris would have to lower his salary, but in this case, I would not see it as a bad thing, because it is not as high a reduction as in Barcelona, apart from the fact that he is interested in playing in such a competitive team and in Barcelona he will be in a team under construction.

There is also the possibility of playing in another league like the German league, and if he wins titles he would show that he can win anywhere and with anyone. Cristiano loves a challenge and this would be a new one.


Surprising candidate, as the club is not someone who is known for making multi-million dollar signings. In fact, one of their last bombshells was Diego Maradona in the 80s, and it worked out perfectly.

The Neapolitan club wants to win Serie A after 32 years of not doing so, and they also play in the Champions League, so the Portuguese would be at a very high competitive level. The issue is the pay cut, he would have to make a big effort if he wants to play in the house that Maradona built.


Another Italian option, in this case from the capital. Roma is interested in the striker, and although Cristiano would not initially be interested in playing for La Lupa, José Mourinho has made a strong pitch for him and has even communicated with the player to convince him that he can do great things in his team.

The problem is that the club does not play in the European Cup, and that is an elementary issue for the Portuguese’s decision. The salary may be covered in full, but the lack of exposure to the footballing elite does not interest the Portuguese, who wants to make the most of his final years and continue winning trophies.


This might be the impossible dream of football lovers: can you imagine Messi and Cristiano together? Only in video games can we see something like that. But now it’s a possibility, a slim one, but it exists.

French media report that CR7’s agent has received calls from the French capital team’s board of directors, but it seems very complicated for the player to arrive. The salary is an issue, the Parisian team would be in violation of the Financial Fair Play because of their high wage bill.

Besides, although he knows he could be playing for a team that might win everything he competes for, he doesn’t want to share the spotlight and in Paris, he would have to do it with Neymar, Messi, and Mbappé.

The latest reports, even more realistic, say that the board has completely ruled out signing the striker because they don’t see how he would fit into the team. The forward line is full, and they are focusing on reinforcing the defence that has given them so many problems. But when the river is full, it’s because there’s water in it, so let’s not rule anything out because in the transfer market anything is possible.

The problem is that Cristiano has to decide quickly because in a few months the World Cup starts in Qatar, and he wants to arrive with rhythm to what could be his last world championship. Being in a competitive team will make him arrive well in Arab lands, where he wants to make history with his national team.

CR7 is still in the promotional materials of Manchester United, but what is the reality is that he does not want to be there, and it is possible that he will say goodbye very soon, although realistically, he will probably leave in the winter market. Where will the striker arrive?

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