BREAKING: Manchester United fans called “MORONS” for booing Harry Maguire

Manchester United supporters are “morons” for booing club captain Harry Maguire, according to former Liverpool man Steve Nicol.

Maguire was loudly booed by Manchester United fans during the 3-1 victory over Crystal Palace on Tuesday.

“It just shows there are morons all over the world,” Nicol told ESPN FC. “Let’s be honest, who sits and waits for their team to come [to their country] and then boo one of their own players?…CONTINUE READING

“It’s completely and utterly wrong. There is nothing to justify it whatsoever. There is one thing that is not acceptable: Booing your own players.

“This is not a guy who’s scored a hat-trick of own goals at Old Trafford against Liverpool, this is guy who you’ve been told is going to be your captain.

“He may have had a tough time last season, but wait for all of pre-season. You’re gonna boo a guy the first time he touches a ball? That’s garbage. That’s nonsense.

“There’s nothing that makes this in any way acceptable… There’s no justification for it.”

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