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Court slams N1.5m against 6 persons for calling a woman a witch



On Tuesday, a High Court in Kano ordered six people to pay N1.5 million in damages to one Sahura Suleiman for calling her a witch.

In the lawsuit she filed, Suleiman accused the six respondents of collectively, falsely, and carelessly calling her a witch, hypocrite, and bastard.

The defendants in the lawsuit are Suwidi Habibu, a native doctor, Rabi’u Wise, Talatu Salisu, Ummi Tasi’u, Mariya Musa, Nauwara Salisu, Aisar Gandu, and Baba Umaru.

Delivering a ruling, Justice Zuwaira Yusuf, held that the respondents unjustly defamed the character of the plaintiff and ordered them to collectively pay the plaintiff the sum of N1 million as damages.

Yusuf also ordered the respondents to pay the plaintiff the sum of N500,000 for the breach of her fundamental human rights.

He also gave an order compelling the respondents to apologize to the plaintiff publically in the town and restrain them or their servants, agents, from further defaming the plaintiff.

Earlier, the plaintiff’s Counsel, Mr. A I Muhammad, told the court that some of the respondents were his client’s sister-in-law, brother-in-law, neighbor, and native doctor.

“On June 5, 2020, at about 11:00 a.m. the respondents jointly and maliciously called the plaintiff a witch, bastard, and hypocrite on her way to buy some groceries in a shop situated at Burum Burum Village Tudun Wada Local Government Kano.

“The respondents grabbed the plaintiff’s neck and almost stripped her naked in the presence of the community calling her a witch.

“The reputation of the plaintiff and joy of harmony coexisting with members of her community were jeopardized and stigmatized”

Responding counsel to the respondents, Mr. Nazifi Rabiu, pleaded for mercy on behalf of his client.

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