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Ex-aide speaks on Atiku’s corruption, warns Nigerians not to vote for him



Ex-aide speaks on Atiku’s corruption

Michael Achimugu, a former media aide to Atiku Abubakar, the Peoples Democratic Party presidential candidate, has spoken out about Atiku’s massive corruption, promising that more is on the way.

Achimugu also warned Nigerians not to vote for Atiku for the sake of their children and grandchildren.

He warned the candidate’s attack dogs not to pursue him because he has sworn to an “affidavit of facts” that will be released if he is eliminated.

“My lawyers are well briefed and equipped for the mother of all exposures once something happens to me or any member of my family”, he said on his website www.lionofjada.com

“I have sworn to an affidavit of facts which will be released later, which is one of the steps I have taken for possible backlash for the series of disclosures I will be making.”

In the first video, which has gone viral, Achimugu revealed Atiku’s explanation for the N100 million allegedly paid into his account by jailed Plateau state Governor Joshua Dariye.

As Atiku’s media person, Achimugu had asked Atiku for his explanation.

Atiku’s revelation that he had committed corruption indirectly, covertly, or through an SPV—a special purpose vehicle—was shocking to him.

Atiku told Achimugu that Dariye’s money was paid into the account of Marine Float, controlled by Atiku or his cronies.

In the video released, Achimugu recorded Atiku’s lecture to him on what SPV means, how it was set up as vehicles for slush funds.

On the website, Achimugu also revealed how one of Atiku’s friends appropriated a media company he set up with billions of naira.

“The SPV conversation made me recall one of the most emotional moments I ever shared with him. It was at the end of 2017 and the Waziri had recounted how he spent “billions of naira” buying equipment and setting up a media company using one Olushola Akanmode as proxy.

“According to him, when he wanted his company returned to him, Akanmode refused. Atiku could not go to court because the documents were in the proxy’s name. That event was where he said to me, “All of the people I have helped are never as loyal to me as I was to Shehu Musa Yar’adua.”

“Moved by emotions, I had felt extreme pity for him. Today, Akanmode is still in his circle of friends. I will discuss the details in one of the sequels to this piece”, he wrote.

Watch Achimugu as he squeals on Atiku Abubakar:

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