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Forget Rivers, You Can’t Their Support



Nyesom Wike, the governor of Rivers, has stated that he will only support PDP candidates for the governorship, National Assembly, and House of Assembly in 2023.

In honor of the G5 Governors, who attended the state banquet on Friday evening in support of the Rivers 2023 campaign flag-off slated for Saturday, Wike gave a speech.

The G5 Governors, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi (Enugu), Seyi Makinde (Oyo), Okezie Ikpeazu (Abia), and Samuel Ortom (Benue), as well as other PDP leaders, attended the banquet.

Rivers would no longer work for anyone who rejected justice, fairness, and equity, the Governor insisted.

Wike said he was only committed to working for PDP, Rivers State chapter adding that all his candidates in the state would win their elections.

The Governor said after praising Buhari for releasing the money owed some Niger Delta States of Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Delta and Bayelsa, some persons sent him messages that he should not have commended the President.

He asked the States that received the money to account for just as he took a swipe on a Delta Senatorial Candidate and Businessman, Ned Nwoko, for asking him to account for what he did with the money.

He reeled out projects he executed with the money and called on Nwoko to ask his principal in Delta to also account for his own.

He said: “I am in support of PDP in Rivers State until you meet us. The governorship, the Senatorial, House of Representatives and Assembly I will fully fight for them to win elections.

“Here, I will not support anybody who doesn’t like Rivers State. I will not support anybody who doesn’t want equity, fairness and justice. If you want Rivers State to support you, come and say you believe in equity and justice.

“This state has sacrificed for the party and you must sacrifice for Rivers State. If you don’t sacrifice for Rivers, Rivers will no longer sacrifice for you. Rivers State will not die for anybody who doesn’t want to die die for us.

“Let the world and Nigeria hear. This state will not continue to sacrifice for anybody. You must sacrifice for this state. We have suffered enough. We have worked for this party and we will not, it doesn’t matter what people will say. Death will come when it will come.

“But you conspired to think that Rivers State will be no state and I tell you, no way. Just like all of them here, you have not won election and you want to jail Benue governor. You have not won election and you want to jail Enugu governor. You have not won election and you want to jail Oyo governor. God will not allow you.

“Because they stand for the truth and say they will support Wike, therefore all of them will come down. They will never come down. They cannot be governors again. Only Seyi, he will still be governor. He has worked for Oyo State and you cannot threaten him.

“What have we done. We say by our party’s constitution, President should go here and chairman should go here. But you say no you will take everything, we also say no we won’t allow that. History will be on our side that we are saying the truth and nothing but the truth.

“I thanked President Buhari and people had been sending me messages saying why did I say that. But I say why won’t I say that. I am not an apostle of Buhari. Most of you go to the villa in the night. But I haven’t gone. The truth of the matter is that Buhari released monies that were not pay to us since 1999.

“The money was paid to some States in the Niger Delta. Let every state come and account for the money. I as Rivers governor can account for it.

“There is one man who married 20 wives and because we say no you can’t extort States of over $400million, one man. He said he did work. Which work? But we say we won’t allow him take that money.

“He said I should tell Rivers what I did with the money. Today, part of what I did with the money is the Law school. Yesterday,.part of what I did with the money is ninth flyover, the tenth flyover. Let him also tell his boss to tell his people what he did with the money”.

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