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Northern Group Advise Islamic Clerics To Stay Off Atiku/Wike Crisis



Wike’s Voice Up North, a northern political group, advised Islamic clerics involved in the Atiku/Wike crisis on Thursday to shed their religious toga by obtaining a PDP membership card.

At a news conference, Abduljabbar Rufai, the National Coordinator of Wike’s Voice Up North, urged faith-based leaders to stay out of the PDP crisis because it is not their concern.

“I am calling on Islamic clerics and Imams, especially in the north, to stay out of this PDP crisis because it is not their business,” Rafai said, flanked by the top tier of the pan-northern group.

He stressed that “If they are interested in Politics, they should go and get a membership card of the political party, so we will know that they are now partisan. An Imam should encourage voters to vote, but he should not be partisan.”

“This fight for justice and equity by Governor Wike is sufficient proof to Nigerians that he is capable of protecting the national interest of Nigeria in the international community, fighting against imperialism, and fighting against the exploitation of multinational corporations,” said the group that mobilized Northern Nigeria to support and defend Wike’s Call For Justice and Fairness.

“Without fear of contradiction, I will say that Wike is not the reason why the PDP today stands a slim chance in the forthcoming 2023 elections; on the contrary, from 2019 to date, Wike has been the unifier in the PDP,” Abdul Jabbar Rufa’I explained. To be honest, I’m not sure where the Presidential candidate got the title “unifier,” because it’s not from the PDP, and it’s certainly not from Adamawa state.”

He maintained that “I want to emphasize that Wike is the strongest pillar in today’s PDP. He is simply the courageous commander in the battle for Justice, Equity and Fairness. Therefore this agitation is not about him, but for the benefit of the party in general.”

The National coordinator stated that “Wike has been the major defender of PDP’s mandate in many states in Nigeria. Be it in Imo or Ebonyi state, he is working tirelessly in ensuring the victory of the PDP in many states. His huge successes in Cross River state, Abia, Benue and many more are evident.”

Mr. Rufai noted, “As a result of Wike’s hard work in favour of democracy, he has won our hearts and we feel compelled to join his ambition to unite and propel Nigeria.”

“This issue of the national chairman has proved that Atiku lacks the ability to adequately assess internal issues and relationship management and these are skills that a leader must possess to tackle problems like the ASSU strike let alone a national crisis”, Abdul Jabbar Rufai said.

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