Nwosu's resignation vindicates G-5 Governors' fight for equity, Justice - Naijarecent
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Nwosu’s resignation vindicates G-5 Governors’ fight for equity, Justice



Governor of Rivers State Nyesom Wike claims that Professor Alphonsus Bosah Chukwurah Nwosu’s resignation from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) as a member of the party’s Board of Trustees (BOT) is further evidence of the G-5 governors’ demand for equity, fairness, and justice.

The governor forewarned that the party would have to be prepared to deal with serious consequences if it persisted in zoning the national chairman’s position to the South.

He made the statement on Saturday during a solidarity visit from Ogu/Bolo Local Government Area stakeholders to him at Government House in Port Harcourt.

The governor stated that he has continued to challenge the party to terms to the fact that everybody is equal in this country with nobody being a second class citizen.

“I have continued to challenge them. What is the problem? What are we fighting for? What I said and will continue to say is that all of us are from this country. Nobody is a second class citizen.

“We have agreed that this is how our party will be. Recently Prof. A.B.C Nwosu resigned from the party, saying that his conscience will not allow him, that the constitution of the party is clear, if you take this, these other people will take that. Why now are we saying that we won’t do it again?”

Governor Wike spoke further: “what the people are saying is look, you have taken this, let these people take that and you are saying you will take all. If you take all, you will also face the repercussions.”

The Rivers State governor declared that anybody fighting the State would experience defeat.

He maintained that God has blessed the State so much that he would not allow its adversaries to become victorious because the protective wall still remained difficult to penetrate.

Wike stressed that even if Rivers State loves peace, it could not be intimidated and made to succumb to those who just want to milk it and deny its rightful place in the scheme of national politics.

“You cannot fight anybody that God has blessed. God has blessed Rivers State. Anybody fighting Rivers State, you are fighting yourself.

“Nobody can intimidate us. No one State in this country can intimidate Rivers State. If you want to fight us, we will fight you to the last.

“If you want to make peace with us, we will make peace with you to the last. But thinking that anybody will come and intimidate us and then we will chicken out, that is not possible.”

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