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United States planning to sponsor rigging with $50 million donation, IPOB alleges



The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has accused the United States (US) of planning to sponsor rigging in the 2023 general elections with a donation of $50 million.

The IPOB Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, who made the accusation in a statement said that the US under former President Barack Obama in 2015 sponsored President Muhammadu Buhari to rig the election and went further to mount pressure on former President Goodluck Jonathan to accept defeat.

Recall that the US Consul-General in Lagos, Will Stevens, said the US has agreed to allocate $50 million to Nigeria to support the training of journalists, officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and civil society organisations for the conduct of the 2023 general elections.

Stevens stated this on Tuesday in Ibadan, Oyo State capital at the opening of a two-day workshop on election reporting for political reporters, editors, video journalists and videographers.

He said, “We are supporting more than 100 journalists with this workshop in Ibadan, Enugu, Port Harcourt and Lagos as part of US efforts to support Nigeria’s elections.

“Over the last three years and into the next year too, the US government has allocated more than $50million for technical assistance, support, training for INEC, and for civil society, among others.

“We have been working closely in partnership with civil society and INEC, through the US Agency for International Development.

“The partnership focuses on technical assistance and support for the system that has been put in place to ensure that every vote counts.”

But IPOB described the donation and training as another trick by the US to facilitate the electoral victory of its preferred candidate in 2023 against the popular will of Nigerians.

IPOB said, “In 2015, Barack Obama came as American president and worked very hard to make sure Nigerians voted for Buhari, a half-dead man and intimidated Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to concede defeat. Now everyone has seen the USA gift to Nigeria as a president in 2015. They never meant well for Nigeria.

“Notwithstanding, many fools and self-centred individuals applauded the US for giving Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari and hailed America as a saviour.

“This year again Joe Biden is threading on the same path. The American government led by Joe Biden has mapped out peanuts of $50m to deceive gullible minds and the money is coming from their companies from what they have stolen in Biafran oil from the coastal region. They are claiming to support another selection of Nigerian President come 2023.

“This money was meant for Nigeria’s selection of another president which is who will pave ways for the American oil companies to continue stealing more oil from Biafraland and making sure there is no interruption of oil flow to the west especially now that they can’t count on oil from Russia.

“Don’t forget that the US is now the new colonial master in Biafra and Nigeria. They have taken over from the British and they stepped into the UK shoes as the British empire is falling apart gradually in Africa. Therefore, Biafrans and Nigerians, it’s time to think deeply of all these games the west is playing in our land.”

IPOB said that the US is fast in donating millions of dollars for another selection process called Nigeria election in 2023, “But when it comes to human rights abuses of Biafra and Nigeria citizens they look the other way. When it comes to infrastructural development in Biafra they go blind. They don’t see the deplorable roads, lack of Healthcare, deplorable schools, and the lack of electricity in Biafraland and Nigeria.

“It is only Nigeria’s election that they are quick to invest their money in to keep selecting people who will pave the way for the western world to continue stealing oil and other resources from Biafraland. But this must stop in our territory.

“How can the American intelligence unit and government not condemn the extraordinary rendition of Mazi Nnamdi Okwuchukwu Kanu and have interest in the legitimacy of the election outcome but cannot condemn the extraordinary renditioning of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu?

“Other problems facing Nigeria, flagrant disobedience of rule law and disobedience of court order cannot attend to by the American government. They know about the insecurity and the sent 12 Tucano jets to bomb and kill bandits and terrorists. They know the ISWAP is around and they are talking about election rigging as if it is the first thing to look into.

“But the American government evacuated their citizens in Nigeria without minding the state of Nigerian citizens, America government you are not doing well in the world. The American embassy in Abuja is totally compromised like the British High Commissioner in Abuja and to say the truth of what is happening in Nigeria because of the bribery she has taken.

“Biafrans and Nigerians, we must open our eyes and think smart about America, they are supporting evil in Nigeria. It’s time to tell the west enough is enough of all this rubbish and deception.

“France has been driven out of the Sahel region and we can do the same to these colonial masters in Biafraland. All we need is a Biafra referendum and freedom. Is this why they cannot support our freedom? Then we say, to hell with them! They must leave us alone.”

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