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Wonderland breaks silence on closure, says investigation ongoing



The management of Wonderland Lagos has spoken out about the closure of the facility by the Lagos State Government, claiming that no one died in the facility.

The Lagos State Government shut down Wonderland on Monday, citing an electrocution at the event venue as the reason.

However, in a statement issued on Tuesday by Mr. Ezekiel Adamu, Co-Founder, Wonderland’s management stated that a video of a parent’s complaint about an alleged open wire incident and other safety concerns had come to its attention at Eko Energy City.

“Wonderland Lagos is a city built for the entertainment for children, families, adults as well as businesses and one of our major responsibilities is the safety of everyone who visit or work at our entertainment city.

“Before Wonderland Lagos opened its doors, a risk assessment was conducted by Lagos State after which the entertainment city began to function.

“While we provide spaces for various vendors, regular safety checks are conducted periodically to ensure that our vendors are adhering to our rules, regulations, and safety policies,” Ezekiel said.

He said the supposed unfortunate incident was never reported to Wonderland Lagos Officials and was brought to its attention via social media, after which it jumped into action immediately to review its procedures and conduct its own investigations which were still ongoing.

“We can assure the public that no lives have been lost at Wonderland Lagos, our safety policies are intact, the safety and leisure of our customers is our topmost priority, and we are working with all of our vendors as well as Lagos State, to ensure that Wonderland Lagos is a safe space for all of our children and families.

“Children have a right to leisure, play and culture; safe parks and playgrounds are essential, and we do understand this at Wonderland Lagos. We have now requested another risk assessment to be conducted by Lagos State and after a successful approval, we will re-open.

“We have unfortunately been unable to identify the child in the video. If anyone can provide us with a lead or if the parent can contact us urgently on [email protected] we would be most grateful. Wonderland Lagos will continue to strive to ensure “safe and high quality” service to all of its customers. Thank you for your concern and patronage,” Ezekiel stated.

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